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Connecting your Google Analytics to Blueprint

Written by Harvey Hodd
Updated 2 weeks ago

How to connect your Google Analytics to the Blueprint Analytics to enable an overall % breakdown of conversion, checkout, verification and purchase. 


1.) Head to Analytics on the Blueprint Dashboard. This is where your information will be displayed after connection. 

2.) To start, you need to find your checkout path, which is the URL that contains the ending /cart (located on your cart page):

3.) Copy this into the /cart section on your Blueprint Analytics page and click authorise. 

If you use an alternative to a cart page, like a slider-cart, use your normal URL and add /cart to the end of it. 

4.) Once you click to authorise, you'll be redirected to login to your Google Analytics account: 

5.) Once you've logged into your account, click Allow for Blueprint to connect to your Google Analytics. 

6.) Once connected, head back to the Blueprint Analytics page and complete by clicking on your Google Analytics Account name that is displayed on the page: 

7.) Your Google Analytics are now connected to Blueprint Analytics and a % breakdown is displayed:



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