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How Purchasing works with the Blueprint bot

Written by Harvey Hodd
Updated 1 month ago
Purchasing Intents 💳 

The Blueprint bots picks up Purchasing Intents from your customers when they message your brand number. A Purchasing Intent is a customer message that is classed as a want to purchase one of your products. That can look like one of the following: 

Can I order "X" product?
I’d like to reorder
Can I get "X" product?
I want to order
New order pls

Each of these Purchasing Intent's will trigger the Blueprint bot to automatically reply. The type of automatic reply differ based on the type of Purchasing Intent received. For example: 

1.) If the customer message includes the product variant, our bot will automatically add this to the selection. If there are multiple variants of this selection, the Blueprint bot will then ask the customer to confirm which variant they are after. For example:

2.) If the customer message includes the exact product variant, the Blueprint bot will automatically add this to the selection. As follows:

3.) If the customer message doesn’t contain enough context (like product name or quantity) but does have an intent like purchase, buy, or have - our bot will know the customer wants to order, but will ask for a little more information before choosing a product. How this looks:

4.) Once the basket is confirmed by a consumer (via a Positive intent of "yes"), the Blueprint bot will then move onto confirming previous billing, shipping and card details of the consumer. As follows:

5.) Once the customer confirms their payment details with a Positive Intent (Yes), the Blueprint bot will place the order. This will immediately reflect in Shopify or WooCommerce and an order confirmation message will be sent. Order confirmation messages can be customised via Automated Messages.

Shopify order confirmation (as normal):

6.) If a customer doesn’t want to use the same details as before with a Negative Intent (No), the Blueprint bot will send them to a pre-verified checkout with the product selection and all details saved as before.

Custom, pre-filled Checkout link:

As the customer has purchased before, they're checkout link will remember them with previous details. They can then update any details immediately. 

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