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How Customer Support works with the Blueprint bot

Written by Harvey Hodd
Updated 1 month ago

The Blueprint bot detects "Support" in 2 separate ways. 

Direct Support 👇

Firstly, the Blueprint bot detects the exact phrase “Support” and triggers a Support notification in the Blueprint dashboard. If you have a third-party support integration (like Slack), a support notification will also show there. 

Once a Support Intent is triggered, the Blueprint Bot is paused and an agent can jump in and serve the customer.

Once Support has been given by an agent and the issue is solved, they can “Clear Alert” in the top right of the customer messaging channel. This will switch the Blueprint bot back on and remove the red alert in the left of the message channel. The bot will automatically turn back on after 24 hours if the Alert is not cleared. The Alert will stay red until manually cleared by an agent.

Indirect Support 👇

Secondly, If a customer input cannot be identified, the Blueprint bot will count this as “1 x Struggle”. The Blueprint bot will then automatically try a 2nd time to serve the customer. For example:

If the Blueprint bot has 2 x unidentified inputs from a consumer, this will count as "2 x Struggles" and a Support notifcation will be triggered in the Blueprint dashboard. See section 1 for how a Support notification looks. 

Once a Support notification is triggered, an agent can jump in and assist the customer. See section 1 for how a Support notification works. 

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