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How to refund with Blueprint

Written by Harvey Hodd
Updated 1 month ago

To refund a Blueprint order, you must refund in both Shopofy and Stripe. 

1.) Locate the order to refund in Shopify. Under Additional Details, copy the Payment Reference (In this instance, pi_1HVHCCEUEX1NLVeu8pB3jkUU). 

2.) Then, log into your Stripe Account and head to Payments. Once there, select the matching Payment Reference. 

3.) In the top right, you can then refund the order. 

4.) Enter the refund amount and press refund. 

5.) Now you have refunded the payment in Stripe, you need to send a refund notification and restock the product in Shopify (like a normal Shopify Refund). 

Head back to the order in Shopify, and click Refund in the top left.  

6.) Select the product to be refunded. 

7.) Choose whether you want the product to be restocked, the refund amount, and click refund. You can also choose to send an email notification to the customer.  

8.) The order is now refunded! 

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